“The never-ending journey of corporate social responsibility”

02We strive for sustainability in every aspect of our company. At New Product Packlab, we do not only focus on people, planet and prosperity but partnerships, peace and pleasure are equally important.


Sustainability at New Product Packlab has become a corporate culture and all of our employees are engaged to pursue this journey. We have created a healthy working environment for our employees, which results in motivated people and reduced work-related accidents.


“Efforts are being made in order to reduce our ecological footprint wherever possible”

We strongly believe in the importance of a circular economy where we have to minimise the plastic waste and therefore, we work with internal and external recycled materials. In order to further reduce our ecological footprint, all our state-of-the-art machinery runs on electricity. Moreover, the energy that we use is from renewable sources. Our products are designed with optimal packaging in mind so that we can optimize logistics and fewer trucks and containers are shipped around the world.


We like to create prosperity for all our stakeholders. We strive to be a good employer and a reliable partner for our suppliers and customers.

Partnerships & Peace

A sustainable partnership with clients and suppliers is what we stand for.
New Product Packlab is partnering with leading raw materials suppliers and innovation centres to follow up on the latest developments in bioplastics.


We are passionate about the work we deliver, that’s the reason why we continuously try to improve as a company.